“Lest We Forget” March 5, 1913

"Got up at 6:30..."

“Got up at 6:30…”

March 5, 1913
“Lest We Forget”

Got up at 6:30 and got ready to work. Cullerne went to the office and didn’t get back till nine and told us that Arthur was coming out with us. We all had dinner out. Arthur was about all in. We got back about 6:31 Weather a little dark and cloudie

Jim’s [?] letter [ ] a letter from Agatha and a card from C B L A

Help! If anyone can make out the last 2 lines, I’d appreciate it!

By the way…it’s 11:25 AM and we’ve barely gotten a snowflake! The news is showing video from areas not too far from here with upp to a foot of the white stuff… I hope that’s the story for the rest of the day because I’m on my way out to a genealogy workshop to help some “beginners” find their families.

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  1. Dave Robison

    Yikes! Other than the _____ I think you’ve got it! I’m not uch of a picture edittor other than crop or enlarging… I’m lucky I can get these picture scans up as all!

    (FYI— Agatha was his baby sister who he must have really liked. He visited her in Claremont, NH many times. I have a “Manifest of Immigrants to the United States…” that shows him coming from Williamsburg, ON where he declared that his destination was Agatha Dickson, Claremont, NH. He gave the name “Agatha” to my mother as her middle name)

  2. Donna Catterick

    OK – this is just a stab at it. I copied the photo, enlarged it, and changed the color and contrast. This is what I see: Jim’s ___ returned a letter from Agatha and a card from CBLA.
    Wish I could include the altered photo.

  3. Greg

    Dave, I an make out some of it…
    “Jim’s letter returned a letter from Agatha and a card from CBLA”
    Apparently a report on mail delivery?


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