Between all the drama over the past few weeks, I can look back and say that this was bad timing to start an on-line course in genealogical research. It’s not as easy as it sounds…not that I thought it would be a walk in the park! Here are some concepts I can’t get my head around: A birth certificate is a source, but is it original or derivative? And what about the information it contains? Is it primary or secondary? Then you have evidence. Evidence can be direct or indirect. What about a photocopy of an original birth certificate? Original or derivative? Is the information it contains primary or secondary? Does it constitute evidence? Is so, is it direct or indirect? Are you with me on this?

If you really need to know all that, let me know! In the meantime, the next assignment isn’t due unitl next Wednesday, but I’m also supposed to be an active participant in the “Discussion Groups???

To be honest, my grades have been coming back a bit better than I expected them to be. Especially considering that I just blew through some parts of the assignments. I’ve been doing this a while, but relatively unsctructured…organized, but unstructured…and they insist on certain terminology which, if I’m working in my own little world, isn’t critical. They even have a Glossary! So, BU brings the structure….I just have to adjust to the rigidity of it all

I’ll keep you posted….

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  1. Dave Robison

    Did you write that comment to me or did I write that comment to you???? I’m also procrastinating on Wednesday’s assignment BUT…I started using OneNote about a week or so ago. I’ve got 4 different classes running at the same time; some are 4 weeks and others are 5 with another starting this month and a total of about 50 students altogether. I’m also trying to keep track of BU! I think I’m starting to bond with it! I have folders and subfolders…All without spending a dime on ink cartridges! I saved the entire Evidence Explained module so I’ll have if even after it closes!

    1. Genealogy Lady

      I plan to get to work on the report tomorrow. I’ve saved all the syllabuses as PDF files although I have not saved the discussion threads. So many people brought up resources that I don’t think I will ever use that I did not think it worthwhile to save the information now.

  2. Genealogy Lady

    I am procrastinating on Wednesday’s assignment and exploring Onenote this evening. I had it on my computer, and never used it before, let alone heard of it before our class started. I think it will work very well for organizing my letter transcriptions and cataloguing the letters.


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