Massachusetts Lawmakers Weighing Public Records Bill

Massachusetts Statehouse

Massachusetts Statehouse (Photo credit: Amir Nejad)

In an age where some states are considering privatizing even more public records and genealogists are working to keep those traditional public records available, what appears to be good news might be happening in Massachusetts.  The article at this link from Channel 22 in Springfield, Mass isn’t very descriptive.  But when they’re discussing “public records” I have to believe that the reference includes vital records as well.

Imagine how easy it could be to access those types of records on line without having to visit a town or city clerk‘s office.  I’m sure there would be a fee involved, but that certainly beats driving from one end of the state to another.  (Keep in mind that the Mass Turnpike tolls have been restored for the western end of the state for the first time since 1996.)


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